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  Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to Make Your Mom's Day

Written by our friend Laura:

How to Make Momís Day

Spend some time with her, just the two of you
Tell her something about your day
Share something youíve been thinking about
Offer to help with something around the house or yard
Ask about her day and listen as she shares
Share a meal, a movie, a game, a walk, something
Tell her about your friends: who are they, and what do you like about them
Tell her about something that makes you happy or sad
Share photos
Share about something you are planning, hoping or dreaming about
Talk about your work
Share artwork, poetry, music, whatever you enjoy, especially if itís yours
Plan something to do together
Tell her something you enjoy about her, or about a happy memory you share

An easy fill-in-the blanks version for the time-challenged

Hi Mom,

Today I ___ .

Lately Iíve been thinking ____.

The friend I most recently spent time with is ____. What I like about _____ is ____.

What we did together was ____.

Something that made me feel happy recently was _____.

Something that made me feel sad recently was ___.

I have been hoping or planning ______.

Mostly I have been working on _____. I feel ____ about this.

Here is something I enjoy (link)

Here are some recent photos of me with ____ at _____ doing _____.

I will be seeing you _____. I enjoy doing _____ with you, and hope we can _____ together. I would like to help you with ______. I remember when ______.



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