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  Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sony Admits Illegal Activities

From the Washington Post:

"Sony BMG Music Entertainment admitted that its employees lavished cash, trips and other bribes on radio stations and their employees so its music would be played on the air..."

The RIAA has sued everyone from kids to grandmothers for violating the law by copying music. Do you suppose they're going to speak out against Sony for breaking the law?

It's disgraceful that companies like Sony can break the law like this. It's not enough to sue them after the fact, we should be able to stop them from selling music they've promoted illegally. We should force the manufacturers of radios and CD players to include technology that prevents music from violators like Sony from being played. I expect Congress to get right on that!

Update: BoingBoing has a link to Sony emails and letters reminiscent of the Enron brokers bragging about their successes.

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At 7/27/2005 11:43 AM, Blogger Mary said...

"They're not just whores, they're cheap whores."

I don't know that manufacturers preventing the illegally-promoted music from being played for the public (who sometimes wait ages for certain music to come out) would be the answer, though. That seems like it would punish us, the listeners, and what did we do? We just want to hear what's out there.
But I agree that this is disgraceful and I'm willing to bet Sony isn't the only company doing it. My cousin left the DJ scene partly for this kind of crap that goes on.


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