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  Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Goood Eeevening

I missed COWPU tonight. Sorry, guys.

We went to the Drake Park drum circle. I drum and Connie shops at the farmer's market and walks along the river and reads. Tonight was nice because some of the Bijou Project belly dancers crashed the drum circle and were dancing to our drumming.

Afterwards, we did dinner at The Grove. I had the wonderful Nepali Rice with chicken, and Connie had halibut fish and chips. We stayed for the poetry slam, but it didn't happen. phooey

So we did a little shopping at Freddie's, and went home.

It was about 9:30, and there was still a little light in the sky. About a mile from home, Connie noticed something flying over the car.

"Look, bats!"

Sure enough, there appeared to be a few bats flying in front of us. I knew we had bats in the area, but I didn't know they got so close to our house. We like bats. And frogs. Anything that eats bugs. Now I need to put up the bat house I got last year.

One of the bats kept flying ahead of our car. We were going about twenty MPH, and it was staying ahead and above us. It would do this for a half minute, and then all of a sudden it would dive down right in front of us, or just to one side. I think it was going after bugs affected by our car or headlights. Cool!

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At 6/21/2007 10:14 AM, Blogger Jen said...

We missed you, too! :)


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