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  Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mongo Mania

Today we ate once again at the Mongolian BBQ in Bend. Good stuff, Maynard.

The way it works is, you choose the size bowl you wish, then fill it with items from the buffet which includes fresh uncooked meats, vegetables, noodles and other stuff. Then you add several ladles from the sauce selection and hand your bowl to one of the cooks. He dumps it on a huge grill and stir-fries it as you watch, then swoops the cooked meal into a fresh bowl and hands it back to you. It's quick, it's inexpensive and it's darned tasty.

The buffet selection is what you'd expect for stir-fry, and even includes cilantro, jalapeños, pineapple, peanuts and other goodies. Being who I am, though, it leaves me thinking how cool it would be to bring some items of my own, to improvise on their selection.

The way I imagine it, I'd prepare some items at home, put them in a ziploc bag and bring them with me. Then, at the restaurant, I'd dump the contents in the bowl, and add some noodles and other items that they already have and ladle on some sauce. Some of the ingredients that come to mind are sliced summer squash (aka pattypan squash, Michelle), sunflower seeds, raisins, crumbled bacon (mmmm, bacon!), bay leaves and spearmint. I can think of more, but hey, this is a blog. Brevity is the soul of wit, and I long to be a soul brother.

The pièce de résistance, for me, would be the look on the face of the cook when he pours my bowl onto the grill and is greeted by my collection of unusual ingredients. I can't wait!

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At 7/30/2006 5:25 PM, Blogger dkgoodman said...

Something I forgot to mention...

At the table next to us was a young blonde girl about four or five. She was holding a forkful of noodles over her head, her face upturned like a baby bird awaiting dinner, and slowly lowering the dangling noodles into her open maw.

As we left, I overheard her mother reading her fortune cookie to her:

Now is the time to enhance your feminine side. LOL

At 7/30/2006 8:11 PM, Blogger Jen said...

Mmmmmmmm... Mongolian. Sooooo gooood!


At 7/30/2006 8:56 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

That sounds good. I've seen Mongolian bbq restaurants, but have never been inside. My former husband once had to be hospitalized after eating in one. I don't know if there was a connection or not, but going back to one was not an option for him.

Do they charge the same if you get just a bowl of meat as opposed to only vegetables and noodles? If so, even though I prefer vegetables, I would get mostly meat because that is the better bargain. I'm good at buffets. I don't eat what I like, I eat what costs the most.

At 7/30/2006 11:05 PM, Blogger dkgoodman said...

You betcha, Jen!

Never had Mongolian, Melissa? I envy you. :)

Your opinion on value is closer to Connie's than mine. Connie loves bargains. She'll purchase something less expensive, even if she doesn't like it quite as much. I'm a lucky man! :)

I, on the other hand, figure that something is worth what someone will pay for it. If I'm paying for food, I'd rather pay for the most enjoyable food, even if it's a lesser value. I like money for what it gets me.

"A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs. A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need."

Try some Mongolian, Melissa. And eat what you like. ;)

At 7/31/2006 3:12 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Don't forget some cheese!

At 8/07/2006 4:47 AM, Blogger e-e baby said...

Can you name (without using a search engine! that's cheating) the source of the phrase: "Good stuff Maynard"?


At 8/07/2006 10:08 AM, Blogger dkgoodman said...

Sadly, Ebeth, I remember the Malt-o-Meal commercials from when they aired. A sure sign I've gotten too old. :)


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